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Installing and Activating FishSnap

Now that you have purchased FishSnap and have received the plugin and associated reports via FishNet, there are just a few simple steps left to complete the installation process and begin using FishSnap.
The instructions below will show you how to activate FishSnap and set your desired SnapShot interval, then take an initial “Snap” to begin seeing data in your FishSnap Reports.

Activate Fishsnap

NOTE: Please make sure you are logged in as admin. Being “an admin user” does not suffice, you must be using the “admin” user account.

1. Access your Fishbowl Schedule Module, make sure the “Show Inactive” checkbox is selected, and find the FishSnap by FishBooks Pro task. Then, click the task edit button to the right to continue

2. In the task edit window, select the “active” checkbox to turn FishSnap on. Click Next to continue

3. The following page allows you to select your desired SnapShot interval. This can be set to run daily, weekly, monthly or annually and you have the ability to customize the specific times of this schedule. We recommend that you do not schedule FishSnap more frequently than once a day. Click next to continue

  • You can edit your SnapShot interval at any time in the future by repeating these same steps.

4. Finally, click “Finish” to complete the activation and return to the Schedule Module.

Take your first Snap

1. Highlight the FishSnap task once more and click the green “run” arrow to the right. This will take a SnapShot of your current inventory values so you can now begin using your FishSnap Reports.

  • You can repeat this step at any time to capture inventory data between regualrly scheduled SnapShot cycles.

2. In your Reports Module, you should see your FishSnap reports under the green FishBooks Pro folder. Double click on any report to run it.

  • Keep in mind that certain reports are designed for companies using the FIFO costing method and Part Tracking. If those to not apply to you, you will not see data if you try to run the Costlayer Breakdown by Date report or the Quick Inventory Snapshot with Tracking.

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